Diamond And GemStone Options for Wedding Rings

Choosing the wedding rings is a big moment indeed.

In the end, these are not just mere pieces of jewelry – they are a symbol of love and commitment.

Even more than that, they are jewelry you’ll be wearing for the rest of your lives so you definitely want to make sure you and your love actually like them too.

Custom Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Custom Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Wedding rings come in many shapes, colors and materials, but one of the most important choices you will have to make is the stone that embellishes the rings. Which are your main options? Read on and find them out!



  • Diamonds are all-times classics when it comes both to engagement rings and to wedding rings. They are classy, elegant and timeless and their beauty (and worth) are really symbolic for what weddings stand for too. And if you want something a bit more special than the classic diamond, go for black diamond – it will add a dash of extra “drama” and uniqueness to the rings!

  • 1.25Ct Diamond Engagement Ring

    1.25Ct Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Sapphires are really beautiful as well. Even more than that, they come in a wide variety of colors (from pink to blue) so if you want to sprinkle the rings with a bit of color and liveliness you can do that without missing out on the elegance of a really precious stone.

  • Custom Blue Sapphire Filigree Engagement Ring

    Custom Blue Sapphire Filigree Engagement Ring

  • Rubies are extremely passionate and stylish too. Although they are not extremely popular, they will definitely be impressive and they will surely make for a choice you’ll be grateful for many years from now on too – because rubies never go out of fashion.

  • Ruby Wedding ring set

    Ruby Wedding ring set

Here at Vidar Jewelry, we can offer a great variety of wedding rings and engagement rings for all styles.

We love making our clients happy and this is why we want to make sure you will always find something that is truly suitable for you!

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