Gold or Silver? Tips on how to choose a Custom Ring for your style

Custom Wedding Bands - Vidar Jewelry

Custom Wedding Bands – Vidar Jewelry

Wedding rings are symbols of commitment, love and family. But even more than that, they are symbols of eternity in all of the aforementioned values. Choosing a wedding ring can be a tough job


if you don’t know where to start. However, we have put together a list of ideas that will help you narrow down your list of options considerably. Here they are:

Custom Wedding Rings-Vidar Jewelry

Custom Wedding Rings-Vidar Jewelry

• Don’t limit yourself just because you’re under the impression that “tradition says so”. There is absolutely no rule to tell you that your ring will have to be of a particular material (gold,silver or anything else). Here’s an extra tip: gold usually looks better on people with warm skin and silver looks good on people with a colder complexion.

• There is no rule to say that the two of you must have the same kind of ring either. If you want gold and he wants silver, go for it. You can choose to personalize the rings with other things that will make them more “connected” to each other (for example, you can choose to engrave them with something special for the two of you).

• As for the size of the ring, there’s no actual rule about it either. However, you should take your measurements and you should make sure that the ring’s design doesn’t look too bulky on your fingers – after all, this is one piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing for many, many years to come, right?

• Everything else is up to you, really. You are allowed to choose whatever ring represents you best and there is nobody who can tell you otherwise!


Custom Engagement And Wedding Rings - Vidar Jewelry

Custom Engagement And Wedding Rings – Vidar Jewelry

At Vidar Jewelry, we can offer you a huge array of rings to choose from. Regardless of whether they are big or small, chunky or not, made from silver or from various types of gold, our rings are stunning.

Even more, we can create custom rings as well – so there’s absolutely no impediment for you to get a ring that really suits your style and your love story 100%.


Custom Engagement Ring - Vidar Jewelry

Custom Engagement Ring – Vidar Jewelry