How to Order the Perfect Engagement and Wedding Rings at Vidar Jewelry

Popping the big question and tying the knot are some of the most important and beautiful moments in the life of a couple. And choosing the perfect rings for both of these moments is more than important:it is essential.

Custom Engagement And Wedding Rings

Custom Engagement And Wedding Rings

At Vidar Jewelry, we provide you with the option of ordering your very own custom rings.

This means that your imagination and creativity has absolutely no limits at all and that you can get the engagement and wedding rings you know both you and your special someone have been dreaming of.

Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

How do you do this? Follow the next steps:

• The process behind ordering a custom ring at Vidar Jewelry is very simple and straightforward. We like being transparent with our customers, so we will make this very easy to understand for you. The first step you have to take is go to our ordering page.

• Next, you will have to fill in a form. We will ask you about your budget, about your preferred material (silver, gold and so on) and about any other ideas you may have (we have a special box where you can give us as much detail as possible about how you want your rings to look like).

• If you have any pictures that may give us an idea of how the rings should look like, you can attach them to your order too.

• The following step involves making the advance payment.

• For further details, we will contact you.

• Once we agree on an exact price and design, we will proceed to working on your ring. We work with 3D jewelry software and this means that we don’t have any kind of limitations.

Get Your Custom Ring Order

Get Your Custom Ring Order

Further on, we will print out the design in polymeric material, which will consequently help us cast the ring into metal.


Come visit us and let’s talk about the ideal ring you have in mind! The options are virtually unlimited and if you want something unique and surprising, Vidar Jewelry will be there to ensure that you get just what you want!

Vidar Jewelry - Unique Engagement Rings

Vidar Jewelry – Unique Engagement Rings