Top Selling Wedding Rings

Here at Vidar Jewelry, we don’t simply sell accessories. We believe in the grand beauty of what we do and we believe our work helps people create really special moments as well. And out of all the special moments out there, weddings are definitely among our favorites!


Vidar Jewelry is ready to offer you a wide range of wedding rings for your big “tie the knot” day.

From gold to black gold and from precious stones to unique simplicity, we have everything you may wish for when it comes to committing your entire life to the one you love.


Here are some of the best-selling rings we have in store for you:



• The Handcuff Engagement ring is a very much appreciated option among our customers. In between classy and humorous, this engagement ring is made out of gold, platinum and silver,it features a discreet and beautiful Diamond and it comes shaped as a handcuff!

Diamond Handcuff Engagement Ring
Diamond Handcuff Engagement Ring

• The Black Gold Princess Cut Black Diamond rings is an exquisite pick full of elegance,originality and beauty. Made out of black gold, with a stunning black diamond as a center gem and with gorgeous diamonds as side gems, this ring really makes for classy and unique proposals!

Black Gold Princess Cut Black Diamond Engagement Ring
Black Gold Princess Cut Black Diamond Engagement Ring

• The Black Gold Heart Handcuff Engagement ring is another elegant choice our customers love. Shapes as a handcuff too and with a marvelous heart-shaped diamond as a center gem,this ring really calls for elegance and style. If you add this to the fact that the ring itself is

made out of black gold, you get a piece of jewelry any lady would be more than proud to wear!

Black Gold Heart Handcuff Engagement Ring
Black Gold Heart Handcuff Engagement Ring

• The Diamond Matching Wedding Band set is the perfect set of elegant and exquisite rings for the big “I Do” moment. Made out of beautiful platinum and featuring gorgeous diamonds,these rings are wonderfully designed to to stand as symbol of your great love for each other too!


Come and visit Vidar Jewelry for wedding rings and engagement rings that amaze the eye and move the soul!

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