Unique Engagement Rings at Vidar Jewelry

Unique Engagement Rings at Vidar Jewelry

Platinum Flower Ring

Platinum Flower Ring

Every person is unique – and every love story is unique as well.

If you are ready to pop the big question and if you want this moment to be absolutely unforgettable, make sure you choose a unique wedding ring that truly reflects your future spouse’s personality.

Triple Wedding ring set-Platinum and yellow gold

Triple Wedding ring set-Platinum and yellow gold

Here at Vidar Jewelry, we have created a wide range of stunning engagement rings to fit every person and style, so make sure to stop by when searching for that one perfect ring.



Here are some great unique ideas from our store:



  • Handcuff engagement ring. If you want to be a bit playful about the big question and if you know your partner has a good sense of humor, a handcuff engagement ring would be a great pick. Don’t worry, our handcuff rings are as elegant as the most traditional designs so it will definitely be something special your special someone will want to wear for the rest of her life!

  • Diamond Handcuff Engagement Ring

    Diamond Handcuff Engagement Ring

  • Black gold. While yellow, white and rose gold have their special kind of charm, black gold is unique from all points of view. Attentively manufactured, intelligently designed, elegant and stylish, our black engagement rings can be paired with diamonds, rubies and a wide range of precious stones that will perfectly complement the stunning beauty of the black gold.

  • Black_Gold_Blue_Diamonds_Matching_Wedding_band_Set


  • Your own unique design. Yes, you read that right. If you have a specific idea of how you would want your partner’s engagement ring to look like, come to us. Together, we can create a custom design in our software application and then we can bring it into “real life” with the highest attention to detail.

  • Get Your Custom Ring Order

    Get Your Custom Ring Order

Come visit Vidar Jewelry and take a look at our gorgeous unique engagement and wedding rings – you will not regret having chosen us!