Vidar Jewelry’s Collections: A Brief Presentation

Here at Vidar Jewelry we believe in the fact that wedding rings are more than jewelry: they are a statement of love and a symbol of the never-ending feelings couples have for each other when they marry.

We have put a lot of passion in providing you with ring designs that speak to you through beauty and grace and our collections can fit every kind of taste you and your lady may have.

Here are some of our best collections so far:

From our collections you will find the most successful below:

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring Collection:


Diamond Engagement Ring Collection:


Wedding Ring Set Collection:


Colored Engagement Ring Collection:


Matching Wedding Band Collection:


Men’s Wedding Band Collection:




  • Men’s Wedding Rings Collection- are suitable for those of you looking for something unique and luxurious at the same time. These rings convey prestige and power as befits your man,you can choose yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or black gold as your base material because all these variations look stunning!

  • Convey prestige and power as befits your man

    Convey prestige and power as befits your man

  • Diamond engagement rings are the kind of engagement rings that will amaze every woman out there. Sturdy and yet very graceful at the same time, these rings are full of opulence and beauty and they will definitely steal your heart away when you see them.

  • Diamond Engagement Ring Collection

    Diamond Engagement Ring Collection

  • Colored engagement rings are for those of you who want to be less traditional when it comes to the engagement ring you offer your lady. Topaz, sapphire, aquamarine and many other gorgeous stones can replace the classic diamond and, same as with the diamond rings, these ones come in a wide variety of materials as well (from yellow gold to black gold).

  • Colored Engagement Ring Collection

    Colored Engagement Ring Collection

  • Matching wedding band sets are for both of you. Although they will look very much similar, most of our models in this category differentiate slightly between the ring for him and the ring for her. Take a look at them and you will definitely be amazed of their beauty! 

  • Matching Wedding Band Collection

    Matching Wedding Band Collection

  • Wedding Ring Set-For those who like their rings to connect like a puzzle pieces as everything in their life.
  • Wedding Ring Set Collection

    Wedding Ring Set Collection

For more wedding rings and engagement rings, visit Vidar Jewelry. We love weddings and what they stand for and for this reason we have made sure to provide our customers with rings in superb designs and premium quality – so that their beauty withstands the sands of time!