What is the difference between an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Band?

What is the difference between an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Band?

Bridgestone M843 Tread Ring

Bridgestone M843 Tread Ring

Although these days brides have access to many sources of information when it comes to planning their Big Day, the truth is that many of the wedding-related questions can still remain unanswered.

For instance, one of the most frequently asked questions is that related to the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band.

If you have been asking yourself the same thing, make sure to read on and find out more:

  • Traditionally, engagement rings are offered by the man who proposes his girlfriend. Sometimes, the girlfriend may choose to offer her future groom an “engagement ring” as well – but that is not an actual tradition. Usually, these rings are made out of a precious metal (most frequently white or yellow gold) and they are encrusted with a diamond. However, there are many other variations on the “traditional engagement ring” as well: black gold, rose gold, Sterling silver, rubies, black diamonds and, basically, whatever else you can think of.

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  • Wedding bands are matching rings exchanged during the actual wedding ceremony – and both the groom and the bride get one. Most frequently, they are simple bands made out of a precious metal, but sometimes, precious stones and unique designs can be an option as well.

  • Custom matching wedding bands

    Custom matching wedding bands

  • Both the engagement ring and the wedding band are worn on the 3rd finger of the left hand. Some jewelry shops sell “wedding band/engagement ring sets” for the bride so that she can wear matching rings on her finger. Also, it is worth noting that some brides choose to change the engagement ring to the middle finger or to the 3rd finger on the right hand once they get married and start wearing their wedding band.

  • Triple Wedding ring set-Platinum and yellow gold

    Triple Wedding ring set-Platinum and yellow gold


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