PAYMENT PLAN- The Easy&Comfortable Way To Purchase Your Custom Designer Ring-Down Payment.


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    Product Description

    Custom Engagement Ring Payment Plan!

    Purchase this link to begin payments on Vidar Jewelry Custom Designer Rings!

    Simply purchase this Custom Engagement Ring Payment Plan link and tell us the SKU Number and other information you want us to know at checkout.

    If you need a financial help you can use our plan in three options:

    a. If you have a Visa or MasterCard (Not debit) you can split for as much installment you want, We use to activate our plan with you – In this way, you will get the ring right after you signed for your plan.

    For choosing this option please contact us for more details
    b. If you do not have a credit card you can use “Paypal subscription” (using a debit card) In this way, you can set as many payments you want but you will get the ring after completing to pay for it only.
    For choosing this option please fill in the details below:
    **How many payments would you like to use?________
    c. Another option is paying a deposit of 50% when placing your order and pay the balance before shipment.

    *We will set up your own personal payment plan link with all the details of your jewelry.
    *You will be sent this link to approve. Your down payment will remain fully refundable until you approve your personal link.
    In your link will be all the information about your ring, and a proposal of your payment plan.

    How many payments would you like to make? We will work with you to set up a schedule that will allow you to pay the ring off by the time you want to receive it.

    Other factors such as the price of the ring, etc will help determine how much you can pay per month. We will do our best to work within your monthly budget and time frame!
    If You Have any questions Please Contact Us It would be our honor to design for you.


    ***Your order will be shipped to the billing address on your method of payment.

    ***Once we have received the total amount due and the jewelry is finished, it will be sent to you. If you need the jewelry before it is paid off, contact us for financing options. If you can pay any of the payments sooner, or would like to pay a bigger amount at any time, just let us know and we will change the link.

    ***Because this is a custom order/payment plan, all payments are non-refundable once you agree to your quote/payment plan. The 10 day money-back guarantee also does not apply to custom orders/payment plans. This is because as you make payments, we purchase material towards your jewelry that are non-refundable to us. However, please rest assured that once you receive the jewelry, if you have any questions, we will do everything to assist you.

    ***we may take a mold of your custom jewelry to use in other similar designs.

    Thank you Sincerely,

    Vidar Jewelry.

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