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Pablo Ring



Named after the iconic Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, this ring represents the spirit of experimentation, innovation and artistic vision.

Just like Picasso’s famous works, it is designed for individuals who are not afraid to challenge convention and push the boundaries of traditional style.

Pablo Ring

Black Gold Diamond Men's Wedding Band - Two Shape Diamond



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A fantastic wedding band made in classic style for a man to be able to fully express himself and create

an unforgettable scene with a sense of style handmade from the finest materials.

Vidar Jewelry works every single day to build your dream rings from scratch, and honestly which groom

would not like to have an amazing black gold and diamond wedding band?

Work with us, to guarantee yourself a marvelous experience.

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SKU: Wedd86bw

Center Stone:
Stone Name: Diamond
Carat Weight / Amount: 0.20Ct. / 1 Stones
Size / Cut / Shape: 3x3mm / Princess Cut (Perfect Square) / Very Good Cut
Color / Clarity : G / VS1

Side Stone: Diamond
Carat Weight / Amount: ~0.15Ct. / 10 Stones
Color / Clarity : G / VS1
Size / Cut /Shape: 1.5mm / Round Brilliant / Very Good Cut

Metal / Weight: 14K Black Gold (Or 18K Black Gold or Black Platinum) / ~6-15 gr.
Width: 5.5mm
Thickness: 1.5mm

We believe in delivering an exceptional experience with every purchase. That’s why, when you buy from us you will receive the following:
1. Your luxury ring
2. A beautiful, specially designed ring box with stunning lights.
3. A cleaning rug
4. A certificate of authentication
5. A lifetime warranty.

All included at no extra cost.

A GIA certificate is your assurance of the highest standards of quality and integrity for your luxury diamond ring. Our GIA-certified diamonds are carefully evaluated and graded by the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s most respected authority in diamond grading. Trust in the GIA certificate to ensure the authenticity and quality of your ring.

We believe that everyone deserves a one-of-a-kind ring that reflects their unique style. That’s why we offer free worldwide express shipping on all of our products, so you can enjoy your truly unique and special ring without any additional costs.

At Vidar Jewelry, we believe that every customer should be completely satisfied with their purchase. That’s why we offer free returns, so you can shop with confidence, knowing that you have the freedom to return any item that doesn’t meet your expectations. We create jewelry for real people, and we want you to find the perfect piece that represents your unique style and individuality.

All of our rings are protected by a lifetime warranty, and we include a free cleaning cloth with every purchase. These tools, paired with our detailed care instructions, help ensure that your unique ring continues to shine as brightly as you do.


Of Men

Only Natural Earth-Created



We won't settle for anything less than pure natural. We believe that just like humans, nature crafted everything perfectly: every quality, every appearance every sexual preference.

Luxury Ring Box


Although we encourage people to never judge a book by its cover, in this instance we can confidently proclaim that this amazing ring box is just the tip of the iceberg.

Lifetime warranty

All of the craft and side diamonds are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Free worldwide shipping

We want to give any man the opportunity to express his true self through a Vidar Jewelry ring.

Customization is welcome

If you see a ring you love, but feel it needs some changes to make it just right for you, we'll find a way to do so. Our customer service motto is "yes, of course!"

GIA Certified

All of our main diamonds in each ring are GIA certified. This means that they meet exceptionally high standards of reliability, consistency and integrity.

Like Diamonds, So Too Man:


One thing created from nature is never the same as another, that is the beauty of diversity. We believe that just as our diamonds are different one from the next - but each beautiful in its own way - so too are people. There is no single right model, each one of you is a diamond yourself.
We invite you to see, feel and choose the ring that is right for you, one that will help your true self stand out.
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Different, Diverse and Beautiful:


We use real people in our photo shoots. Those who will bring who they are in front of the camera.
Why? Because we make jewelry for real people: different, diverse, and beautiful.
All of our models-for-a-day bring their own style, clothing and accessories to the shoot, and are full partners in choosing their haircut and makeup.

Ethically Designed Jewelry
Out of a Commitment


We make beautiful rings just for you. This means we don't create more than we need. Therefore, we don't waste material and labor. In addition, we only use Ethically Sourced Diamonds. By doing so, Vidar is part of a more responsible, ethical and ecological jewelry industry.

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